Diabetes Education


What are YOUR reasons for managing 

YOUR diabetes??

Take control of 


because it matters.

I dare say that every person diagnosed with diabetes can probably think of a few reasons to stay healthy and keep this progressive disease under control.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, the next step is to learn how this disease affects your body, and most importantly, how you can make daily decisions to stay healthy and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.


Diabetes Education Self-Management Program

A program that is custom designed to fit your needs and the goals of you and your doctor.

 This 3 month program consists of 2-hour group sessions once a month (for 3 months) as well as a

1-hour individual goal-setting session with our pharmacist.

We will cover the following:

Diabetes 101

 Healthy Eating

 Staying Active


 Taking Medication

 Problem Solving

 Healthy Coping

 Reducing Risks

Session 1 Classes:

Covered by Viva, United Health Care and Medicare

Classes are by Appointment!



*Classes are located at FMS Pharmacy - just across from Lowes



For more information, call us at 205-424-3194 or Email Us



"When I walked into the class I was scared to death - now, having completed the program, I feel like "this isn't going to be so hard after all"

Class Attendant (2013)

"There is so much value in these classes - I was able to learn how to control my diabetes and get to know what type of questions other people had"

Class Attendant (2011)

"I'm living with diabetes; but now with confidence"